Saturday, August 1, 2009

Field Trip: Tokyo Tour

I guess nothing much to talk about before the field trip... woke up, ate breakfast, freshened up, go to school...

Kekoa and I met Vanessa, Kojin, and (ENG) Shota downstairs after classes. We found that we had to meet at the North Gate for the Tour at 1:10... currently it was 12:45. So we were like "Lunch?" We have to go to the 7-11 on campus and buy food to eat on the bus. OK, awesome, 7-11 is right at the North gate... that is close... so we have to walk back to the main gate (east gate) and walk all the way around to the north gate. Walk fast. I walk fast with my chicken ka-bob thing ^.^ That was yummy. And we ride the Friendly Airport Limousine buses :D We are bus #3, blue bus, with tour guide Yuki-san! We had the best tour guide.

First stop: Imperial Palace

You can only go past the gate twice a year... this day happened to not be one of those days so we couldn't go very far. Yuki said the emperor called her that morning requesting we have lunch with him... but she kindly asked him for a raincheck because we were busy that day. (that's a joke you guys). Pretty view... but not really much to see there.

Second stop: Hama-Rikyu Gardens

Very pretty place. I love Japanese gardens... at least for the fist 10 minutes on hot humid days like this. I took lots of pics here. This place is home to the oldest pine tree in Tokyo which is 300 years old. There was also this lady performing tricks at the end. Nothing much to say about this place, just a place you have to see. I took lots of pics there.

Third stop: Odaiba

I've been here a couple times. This is where Jun and Manami was meeting me. I went with my big group of friends and new friends to Aqua City (mall) and we walk around until my phone rang... it was Jun then someone tapped me and IT WAS JUN :D So I was starting to part ways with the group and head off with Jun and Manami when they wanted to find the big Gundam robot statue thing. So Jun kindly showed them... not listening to me... I remember the tour guide pointing to where it was. We walked this huge circle and coulda got there 15 minutes sooner -_- Men... So I said goodbye to group there.

Jun, Manami, and I were going to Yokohama... I didn't know Jun was inviting me to stay his house with his family and Manami. I was soooo tired though. So either way, going or not, I had to return to the hotel, we came back here and decided to hang out and I'd just go another night. We hung out til about 9 pm then they left. I showered and fell asleep. Lights and TV still on. I think I got the most sleep last night then I have since I got here.

Today is a free day. More like laundry and homework day.