Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yokohama Fun!

** Yokohama Hanabi **
Aug 22

So, after a long night, I woke up at about 9:45 am. Jun said we’d wake up at 9… so I was like “Uh-oh, spaghetti-o’s” LOL. But I think I was the only one awake.. It wasn’t til like an hour later Jun surprised me LOL. He overslept too. But after some breakfast... well... brunch… at about 1 we left for Yokohama. Trains are a bit different here. I’ve come to the conclusion that they are probably a little different everywhere...

His mom drove us to the station cause it’s a bit far... and it’s a bit hot LOL. So we took the train and met his brother at a station and it seemed like Jun was teaching him how to use a Pasmo (train card)... it’s strange... I don’t quite know. LOL it’s so simple even I knew had to do it! Oh well... I’m sure there was something more behind it... then afterward we continued on to Yokohama where we shopped around. I gave in and bought a bag just for my netbook because 1) I wanted one to begin with and 2) I’m running out of bag space right now... so I may have an extra bag but at least I can unstuff some and not worry about broken baggage... like last year… oh the nightmares!

We went to this foreign snack store. Some things looked familiar... El Paso taco stuff... Pringles.. I bought a giant Hershey bar for almost 400 yen LOL. I bought a water bottle holder too. It keeps the water cool and keeps my hands free. 150 yen or so. Good deal. I decided on what I’m doing for my little sis’s xmas present. But that’s a secret :p

So after some soft cream and more shopping we returned by train, stopping at Kentucky (KFC) for dinner. I thought we were picking up dinner for everyone but it ended up just Jun and I eating it. We had some fried chicken, red hot chickens (wings, I‘d say they were mild), nuggets, and fries. We ate all but maybe one of the fried chickens LOL. His mom gave me a book after dinner... it’s a kid’s book but, hey, my skills aren’t good enough for a juvenile book! It’s actually a Japanese story… pretty pictures. I hope I can read it and understand it one day fully. It’s called “Gongitsune”.

At 7:00 was the fireworks! So we went to the rooftop (we went there last night... I don’t think I wrote about that... he said if I want to cry, scream, whatever, I can go up there. We stayed up there for about an hour talking). We climbed up the ladder to the very top… my legs were shaking going up and down… SCARY! But I did it. The fireworks were pretty! Even though I couldn’t here all the booms and claps, it was worth it having the pretty view (even though it was further away than I expected... but you go to see fireworks… and I could see… so that’s the point) and not having to put up with the thousands of people and crowded trains and sweaty yukatas (not that I don’t like wearing my yukata LOL) and painful getas (can’t say the same for them… I’ll wear my Rocket Dogs next time).

After the fireworks we stayed up there for about 30 more minutes talking... saying the world is big and we feel soooo small LOL. Talking about this one star and if certain people could see it too. Just a bunch of nothing ^.^

** Sea Paradise **
Aug 23

Today, Jun had a date with Manami, pre-planned... didn’t include me. They went to the A-Nation concert (various artists) in Tokyo... LUCKY! So, Jun was trying to plan for me and Kimiko to hang out and I stay out Manami’s place tonight but that didn’t work out. Instead, Jun’s mom, younger brother, and his girlfriend, and I went to Sea Paradise. It’s a small amusement park with an aquarium on the beach. Pretty place.

I didn’t really know where we were going to be honest. Jun told me last night that we were going to the aquarium but when we got there I thought I misunderstood because we were walking near the beach and then toward a pool and I was like “OH NO DID I MISUNDERSTAND??? I don’t have my swimsuit... how do I explain...” but it turned out ok. We just went the wrong way trying to get to Sea Paradise. PHEW!
First thing we went to the aquarium. So pretty. Lots of fishies! I saw some pookie penguins too :D And a bear!




After the aquarium we were going to see the sea mammal show but it was packed and starting soon so we decided to get lunch and go back for the next show. Which we did. After riding the roller coaster (YES! but my legs were long and they hit the bar a lot and now i have a bruise >.< BUT I HAVE PICTURE!) and doing a little shopping. The show was great. Unfortunately when we got back… it was packed again and we couldn’t sit down so we stood in the back. Cute show, but glad it ended because I can’t stand in one place for too long. I believe there is a name for that condition.. LOL


After the show we got some soft cream. They didn’t have a small size and I know my stomach with too much dairy so I decided against one but Okaasan decided to share with me. So nice. Then we did a little more shopping. Then rode the pirate ship ride. Then went back. Seems like a short trip when reading this but we were there for like 5 hours.

After some rest, Okaasan and I made some decorative soaps (with the papers on them) while eating pizza. Tasted like my favorite from CiCis ^.^