Thursday, July 29, 2010

Almost FRIDAY!

I'm not sure if I'm should be excited or not. If I was in more of a city area, heck yeah, I'd be happy... but no. I'm in the country side... like, I'm pretty sure it doesn't get more country than this... and nowhere to go, nothing to do, nobody to see. I mean there are only so many things I can hold off to do for the weekend (finish unpacking, organizing, reorganizing, snooping through stuff left here).

Anyways... a summary of the interesting stuff:

I went with a group on the 4:30 am bus to Atlanta airport, it was too early. We sat for 2 hours at the gate. Our plane was late, thus they held our international flight for us =D It was nice. I have found that I shouldn't eat airplane food unless I have to. It just doesn't agree with me :( At one point I stood around the bathroom for an hour... but there was a whole party in the back, hence the hour of standing there. (FYI, I just saw the CUTEST japanese commercial LOL).

Anyways, we arrived safe and sound and not a minute too soon (thank god there wasn't a repeat of last years flight... Me: "YAY WE'RE HERE!" Pilot "There's a lot of traffic we are going to fly around for 10-15 minutes" Me: "NOOOOOOOOO GET ME OFF THIS THING!!!"). The customs/immigration line was SO.F*N.LONG! I've NEVER stood in a line that long. Except at Disney World. I think it was seriously 1 hour. Put it this way, by the time we made it through the airport and on the bus, it had been 2 hours. So we ride the bus to the hotel...

The hotel was nice, but the food was mediocre. Orientation was, no offense to people who worked so hard, boring most of the time. There were some speakers that were able to hold my attention and make me laugh... but you know I swear "Every Situation is Different" is the key phrase to the JET Program... so how can these people tell me specifics about me job? Maybe general information... but we are big enough to read the handbook right? Oh well...

After orientation I headed with the other JETs from my area by shinkansen to our placements. Once I met my supervisors, I hopped in the car, and on my way I went. I said goodbye to civilization as it slowly disappeared behind me. I'm soooo inaka that my softbank doesn't work (which has unfortunately disappeared... hopefully when the alarm goes off tomorrow I'll find it). We stopped to get groceries then finally arrived. It's as big as I imagined. It's too big. Oh well.

I hardly slept last night. It's so hot in this apartment. I took a cold shower the next morning LOL. I was off after 8 with my supervisor to the BoE. I filled out my tax paperwork, gaijin card paperwork, then sat at my desk, then visited the schools. Somehow... I now speak chinese and play tennis =/ The tennis I can explain but I'm not sure about Chinese. I told my boss I studied Spanish in high school and French in middle school. At some point he decided I spoke Chinese too LOL. He asked me about my sports and I told him I use to go to the gym and play racquetball. He says "oh soft tennis". I figured this is racquetball... because there is a word for tennis (tenisu). So at a school he's announcing I play soft tennis... and outside I am shown the girls playing soft tennis... which is tennis -_- ooyyyyy... OK. Well at least I can say some words and chinese and can possibly play some tennis (just for fun). oy...

Then I went back to the supermarket for things I forgot. My male supervisor took me. LUCKILY we ran into a female teacher... because I needed to my female stuff :p and he hid on another aisle and didn't want to touch the female stuff... or acknowledge its presence LOL. It was pretty funny to me.

Anyways... tomorrow is Friday! yay? we'll see... I can at least catch up on sleep.