Sunday, August 2, 2009


OK... I guess with my online photo album, I'll have to be somewhat picky about the photos. But if you have facebook, add me because I'll get all the pics up there. See my previous blog of info on my trip!

Here is the link to the photo album of the Tokyo Tour


Outside the Imperial Palace. People are only allowed in twice/year like I stated in the previous entry.


It says on a sign that the reflection of the tea house behind me on the water is the most beautiful thing in this garden. I guess 300 year old trees aren't beautiful LOL


I think the 300 year old tree is looking pretty good for it's age ^.^


This is the lady that does tricks at the end of the walk. I saw the crowd and was thinking it was another dancing monkey.


Kekoa, me, and Vanessa at the Statue of Liberty, given by France. This is in Odaiba.


The group and I at the big Gundam robor statue thing.