Saturday, August 8, 2009


This morning I hit up the Edo Tokyo Museum with Lauri. I have to say, I think wiki would be a better source for my paper. I don't have the attention span for museums. And at the time I didn't have the full stomach. And shopping was planned afterward. That cut my attention span in 1/2.... and probably in 1/2 again ^.^ It was kinda a cool place though. I'll get pics from Lauri. My camera was charging so I didn't have it. We went to Ueno and I got my shorts! (did I mention them? I thought it was a white lacy layered skirt, but it's actually shorts). I wanted them so bad... and I got them :D SUUUUUPER CUTE! Then we ate McDs over a discussion about the weird barcode things on everything in Asia. Lauri went to the museum to see the stuffed Hachikou. I took the Ginza line subway back to the hotel.

I did laundry, rested, started my paper, and eventually made my way to Vanessa and Hailie's room where we all got in our Yukatas in preparation for the fireworks. Diane dressed everyone. Kojin undressed himself and couldn't figure out how to redress (took an hour or 2 and a youtube video later for him to just get himself tied up where it worked). Fireworks started at 7 and we left at 6ish in our Yukatas and Getas (wooden shoes... I think ours were more plastic wooded shoes lol). We didn't go to Odaiba, at Tokyo Bay, where they were being fired (because we were kinda late...) so we went Tsukishima. I'm thinking we are going where we can see them, a place not as far or crowded as Odaiba because we'd miss them if we go that far. Well, I don't know if Odaiba was more crowded but I was SOOOOOO WRONG!

So we get off at the station and sooo many people. Like a line just to get out of the exit. And we just follow crowds and crowds of people for 15 minutes when we kinda split up for some people to go to the bathroom. I keep going with others to get close and find a spot. At one point we stop and I take a picture, turn around, and everyone is gone. WELL GOOD THING I HAVE A PREPAID CELL PHONE!!! not... the lines were so jammed with people calling and sending pics, I couldn't get through for like 10 minutes. So I figured the lines are jammed, they didn't realize I was missing, or they did but they didn't come back to find me (I didn't move.... I stayed there thinking someone would come back)... I figure the best idea is to find the station and head back. So I ask one of the nice police officers directing people where the station was that I can go back to my station and he points me in the directly. 1 minute later walking Vanessa gets through to me and after some time finally get back together. There's a video I took and you hear me say "I'm glad I came back" so that's what that means LOL.

At one point I took my shoes off and stood in the rocks. That honestly felt better for 5 minutes then I stood on my shoes... then I got back in them. There was no comfort to be found. None. Zero. Yes, we were standing. The fireworks were awesome. Every time I thought it was over, it started again. Then the finale ended... and I guess they forgot one because this last little firework went off. I got some video and pics that I'll post and get up when I feel better.

Afterward after 15 minutes of walking or so, we met up with the other people and went into the mall to try to find food. Our choices were basically get on the crowded trains or go into the mall with crowded food places. I didn't care, I just wanted to sit. My feet hurt so bad that I could have been starving to death and not realize the pain in my stomach! Even now I don't but maybe because I'm munching on chips. I haven't eaten since noon-ish.... I guess I'm ok. But man... my feet... STILL HURTS! Sitting or standing is painful LOL.

At the mall we split up again, some people ate (it was too crowded and no one had room for all 9 of us) and some of us returned. Well majority of returned. So we had to wait in line OUTSIDE the train station to get in the station, got in, waited for the train, and the train was so crowded... so I thought... then we go to the next station... even more crowded train... next station... well I didn't think we could fit more people but we did. I'll admit though it was as crowded as the train I rode in Kyoto last year but I don't think it was as stressful. Maybe because I was against the opposite door that wasn't opening or closing rather in the middle LOL. I just kept my mind on other things while walking back.

Right now I still wonder whether all this pain is worth fireworks........ but after surviving, maybe tomorrow I'll think it was worth it. Maybe. If Shota is working, I'm not going anywhere LOL. I guess that's a given, I got a lot of school work to do too. Technically just a paper, the Japanese work is optional (except for studying for a quiz) but I want to do it and possibly finish the other paper due this week in history.

I want to soak my feet.......... I don't think I can stand a shower tonight (haha because I can't STAND LOL that is funny). I'll take it in the morning... stick my little "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door... sleep in, shower, work...

Like I said I'll work on pics and videos ASAP. I'll try tomorrow if I can if not maybe Monday.