Monday, August 17, 2009

So, here's what's up!

Today was the last day of classes and tomorrow is finals... SO HAPPY :D I'm ready to get away from this hotel and be with Manami and Jun and maybe Shota... if he's not busy. So tonight is going to be a big night of studying. Mostly Japanese. We have 4 oral tests... basically what we've already done. Then about 30 minutes of a written test. History is about the same as last time.

I liked something that was said in history class today, and I hope it doesn't offend anyone. But we were talking about this one guy in history who was gay but was married and had a wife. And that kinda brought up some question marks... but the teacher told us that it seems in Japan that being gay is something you do and not who you are. You still marry and have family and go to work and being gay is just something that is on the side. Pretty interesting to me, I kinda like that view. Very different from America. Also, last week he made me laugh talking about the desks in Japan... we were talking about WWII and the bombs and how kids learned to duck and cover under desks... which is also what you do for earthquakes and any other disaster... the teacher said that he doesn't know who made those desks but he was a very good salesmen... "BUY THIS DESK AND WHEN SOMETHING BAD HAPPPENS JUST HIDE UNDER IT AND YOU'LL BE FINE!" haha

Anyways, I had a to-do list today. After class I was to go to the library, print my paper, print the take away points from lectures in history, go see if the campus is store is REALLY closed (makes me sad... I never got my hoodie ;_; ), go to the konbini and buy an envelope, and go to the post office and mail my paper to Kansai Gaidai. Yeah... they need it soon... and I kept putting it off (well technically I tried once...). Everything got done :D Well, I couldn't print all the take away points because the Sophia server went down when I was there and was too hungry and impatient to wait for it work again... I'll just have to look those two lectures up later.

So yes, I went to the AM/PM konbini and found envelopes! I had to buy like 10... good though because I messed up the address on one. And I waited for about 5 minutes. I was wondering if they were all hoping that they wouldn't get me... either way it was painless. Except the guy went to weight my envelope and came back saying "80" and I didn't know he was talking to me and it was hard to understand his engrish :p I wish people would just speak Japanese or ask if I can understand them because sometimes I have more trouble understanding people's English than their Japanese. I talked to Jun the other day on the phone and he said with me coming to house his mom is studying English! And I'm like "DAMEDESU! NIHONGO HANASHITEKUDASAI" (No, please speak Japanese!). UUSSSKK! I'm going to pretend I don't understand English.

Anyways, tomorrow after my finals I plan to return to the hotel, pack up my suitcase which will be shipped to Osaka so I don't have to tote it and try to get mostly everything else packed. I want to do my laundry too. I want to go back to Shibuya and buy Tomodachi Collection too. And I will cash the rest of my cheques. Kinda easy to do here at the hotel. The plan is I will check out Wednesday morning and head to Hachioji and meet Manami at the station there (like an 1 hour or so train ride). I will stay with Manami and her friend and we'll have a girls night (IN JAPANESE :D). After that I believe Thursday I'm going to Jun's house in Yokohama (yes he is a guy, but he's is Manami's boyfriend so no worries!). I'll be there until the 29th.

I'm not sure if I'll have internet and if I do if I'll be able to use it all the time (kinda rude in my opinion when people are letting me in their home to sit away on their internet all day. If I can get on, I'll do it once or twice for a small time. This is the time where you may have to get a hold of me via my cell phone (email and calling) because I'm not sure what will happen.

I'm very excited :) In a way I kinda regret getting a single room, it's kinda lonely at time but I have the freedom to watch what I want, listen to music all night, stay online whenever, etc etc. So being with Manami and Jun makes me happy.

ANYWAYS right now it seems like they are playing scary story shows on the my favorite channel (ch 8... I dunno why this became my favorite but I usually have my TV on that channel unless a drama is on I wanna watch on another channel). Kinda creepy stuff...