Friday, July 31, 2009


(I'll type this now because tomorrow's entry will be long enough without talking about this too)

So after talking to Shota (I'll refer to him as ENG Shota, JP Shota will be the one I've known for over a year) online we decided to go get my cell phone together at Akihabara. He met me at the Aoyama Itchome station near my hotel and we rode the Ginza line to Kanda and walked about 10-15 minutes to Akihabara and to the store which is similar to Bic Camera (or to a Best Buy in America but 10x bigger). There we waited in line at Softbank to get my phone.

The guy who waited on us was super nice. He got it setup fast. I even had the choice to choose my number. I was like "yeah just make it random" and I got to choose from three (I picked the first one... your telling a girl to decide! and a blond girl at that!) I also got to choose my email address for the phone. I'll get a pick possibly tomorrow because I have a field trip and I'm sure I'll take some. It's just a white thin phone. The other choice I had was a flip phone with internet but it was about 3000 yen (30$) more expensive. I didn't need that so I went with this one.

I paid almost 8000 yen for it and my card. I have unlimited mail for 30 days for 300 yen and if I have at least 300 yen credit after 30 days it automatically deduct it and start my mail up for another 30 days.

This will come in handy especially for days like tomorrow. I have class and then a field trip (Tokyo Tour, required) and then I'm going to Yokohama with Jun (Yokohama to Tokyo is like Gulf Breeze to Pensacola). Sunday I'm FREEEEEE!