Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm a Rebel ^.^

This morning I arrived to class (for the record, I have been like 30 minutes early since the first day when I was late) and sat in there, I was the only one. And it was like 15 minutes til class and I was still the only one... I was starting to wonder if class was canceled and I didn't know. Usually there is a few other people in there at that time. Anyhow, once we were all in class, Tara is like "earthquake, I hear it" and I was like "what????" (I don't think there was an earthquake... at that time at least) and that is when I learned there was an earthquake right before 8 am this morning. I didn't even know. I believe I was on the train at that time (probably why I didn't know). I'm guessing this is pretty normal to have so many at a time. Nobody seems to be worried. I asked sensei about it and he says that there will be a lot of earthquakes then there will be none for like 6 months then more. There's no particular season but I guess it's normal to have a few at a time. He tried to explain plate tectonics today it was kinda funny. He's a funny teacher.

Anyways, in History we took a field trip to Yasukuni Jinja. We had like 45 minutes to walk around. I walked around a bit with Lauri then we went inside the museum, well the first floor which was free... with a Japan war plane (see pic), steam train thing, and other things and a gift shop.


The museum part cost money on the second floor. I stayed in the gift shop area for most of the time... in the AC... like majority of the class. Afterward we did a discussion outside about the controversies of the Shrine (which I spoke up and got something right :D). Then Lauri, Jessica, girl (I can't remember her name >.<) and I went to McDs for a quick bite before, after seeing Lauri off, we went headed for the Kabuki theater.

We arrive at the theater 1 hour early. Here is the theater. It's going to be torn down I think in 261 days. I think it's being renovated but I'm not sure. I hope so. It's a nice place but you can tell the age.


Anywas, 1 hour, that's a lot of time... and it's hot. So I thought we should walk around and find some shopping places (we are in Ginza, come on!) and cool off inside them. So I look around and see one place that ends up being Pachinko... yeah, no. So we keep walking and go into this one place that has a store called "Brand Off" and I'm like "OH I WONDER IF IT'S LIKE BOOK OFF!" yeah, no. So we exit that building and cross the street and go into the big Gucci store (yes, like 7-8 stories!). The moment I walked in I just thought these people are going to kick us out LOL. They didn't. We went up to the second floor where there was some clothes that I looked at and laughed at the price (about 300$ for a belt) and Jessica and girl sat on these comphy seats. The sales lady who spoke some English talked to use for awhile. She was nice. I think she thought we were funny. Especially when we got on the elevator to go downstairs... the door opened up and there was a bench, a nice comphy bench, inside (see pic of Jessica and I, looking a bit rough...). And we just freaked out it was awesome. We stood there taking pics, forgetting to push the button to go down.


After that we head back toward the theater stopping in the store that is advertising Snoopy. So we take escalators up to the 8th floor (we never found the elevator, but we didn't really look either). OMG! I want to go back... there was a BIG SNOOPY/PEANUTS store. Selling EVERYTHING PEANUTS! It was awesome. We didn't spend much time because we didn't want to be late (now, I wish we had stayed longer). I saw a place with water... SNOOPY WATER BOTTLES... and wanted to buy one but the line was long and we didn't think we had time. Well we did.

So we return to the theater and it's SOOOO crowded. And we stand outside in the head with the crowd making it hotter for like 20 minutes...... I SO HAD TIME TO BUY A SNOOPY WATER! I realized I couldn't get the English guide for Kabuki because you needed a 1000 yen deposit plus 400 yen (which I thought was all I needed...). So if I had skipped lunch that day I might have been able to afford it.... well, maybe not now that I think of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not poor, I just didn't have that much money on me today. So I couldn't get the English guide (which is ok because I was told it kinda sucked).

So inside, we are in the nosebleed section, 3rd floor, last row, I can hardly see let alone hear. Note that in the Kabuki theater there is like a path that goes through the audience so if the actors go on that, I can't see. Also, for those who don't know, Kabuki actors are ALL MEN. Even the female characters are played by men. So kinda awkward at times. I understood pieces of it, but there are still gaps so I didn't understand the details. But I got the overall picture. DESPITE THE FACT that 30 minutes into it (maybe... it may have been like 15 ^.^) I put one headphone in my ear... then maybe after about 15 minutes of that I started shutting my eyes.


Here is a pic. By the way, no cameras were aloud. I'm just on a role today with not doing what I should be doing. Not touring the shrine, taking pics, leaving early...

During intermission I pretended to think it was over and left. I was tired, I've got homework, I can't understand, can't hear, can't see.... not trying to be rude... but I think my schoolwork is more important at this point. I enjoyed what I saw though. I'm sure if I could understand, was tired, a bit stressed with school, it would have been awesome.