Monday, June 22, 2009

Admission Info

WARNING: Sophia University is NOT gaijin (foreigner) friendly. From what I'm getting with this packet of maps and written instructions. So I got a thick envelope in the mail today from that included:

1) map of Tokyo
2) receipt for hotel payment
3) welcome letter
4) "while in Tokyo" (random letter)
5) "orientation day" (info about orientation)
6) Sophia Campus Map
7) schedule of events
8) list of textbooks
9) Tokyo Metro Map (subway map)
10) access from Narita Airport map
11) hotel information (including access)

That's... A LOT of maps. My understand is "Here are some maps and written instructions on finding the school from your hotel... oh and GOOD LUCK!" I'm glad this isn't my first time to Japan. I feel for those who have never been. They will need that luck. After reviewing the access map to my hotel, I'm confident I can get from Narita to my hotel on my own. But I know Jun and Shota might worry, so one or both most likely won't allow that. But who knows, maybe they will have pick up service... ... ... ... we'll see.

Kansai Gaidai sent an email last week that had a link to the Fall Admissions site that had a lot of info which I printed. This included Arrival Information, Orientation Program Info (most still TBA), Visa Application Info, Insurance Info, Standard of Conduct info, FAQ, the ever so popular (in Japan) Access Maps, and info on computer facilities. Nothing much to discuss about this info. Also the homestay participants (not me, I'm dorm) got a letter saying that there is too many homestay applicants than homestay families so some should reconsider housing... and if there are still too many, they will choose randomly who gets homestay.

OK... that's my update...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Countdown: 6 Weeks

So far I've accomplished paying for my hotel in Tokyo that I will be staying at during my summer semester at Sophia. I did email Sophia University and they verified that they received the payment and will be sending me a receipt via airmail... I wanna know what is up with Sophia and airmail? Did they not get bitten by the tech bug yet? Honestly that was the FIRST email I received from them and it was only because I emailed them first. If you haven't caught on, my acceptance was via airmail, too.

So, I haven't done much, hence the slowness of my blog. I still need to...

*Buy a plane ticket (haha, I know, people get accepted and it's usually the FIRST thing they do, it's like the guarantee that they are leaving)
*Receive my visa
*Meet with Uni personal to get classes registered
*Pay for summer tuition
*Double check my financial aid
*Buy some new flip flops
*Maybe get some travelers checks

Hopefully everything to do with school and financial aid will be taken care of by the end of June. Hopefully I receive my visa before I leave. Hopefully I can pack what I need and still have plenty of space in my suitcases. Still 6 weeks left, still plenty to do, still plenty to worry about.

I guarantee you that during the pre-departure period, there is nothing much to do except do any necessary paperwork, pay any fees, and prepare to go. Once I get to Japan, there should be an entry everyday. Also, I'll update my blog (somehow) to let everyone know when I have new pics in my online photo album (which I will link every to once there are pics there!).

So, the last blog I complained about KG not sending acceptance letters by their said date. This blog I complained about Sophia's airmail obsession. Stay tuned for my plane itinerary and visa woes! I bet you one of my travelers checks that will be the next entry LOL. Remember before betting: I control this blog ^.~