Monday, August 10, 2009

Speaking Partner!

Nothing big happened in school today... got both my 2nd Japanese test and midterm for history back today. Passed both :D I coulda swore my paper was due today but it is due tomorrow and I have another one due Thursday -_- I wish we could like drop one of those grades...... I can't wait for this class to be OVER! Japanese can keep going.... but history BLAH!

After class I met Tara in the library, we were going to look over our history papers together. Nothing much to say. But while checking my email to get my paper, I noticed Kansai Gaidai had emailed my Speaking Partner information :D Basically, it's some who I can practice Japanese with and show me around and I can help with English and what not. My partner is Kanako. About my age. Super cute. I emailed her (in Japanese ^.^) and she emailed back with a pic and I sent her one back. Seems like we have a lot in common.

I kinda have a to-do list of things I wanna do before leaving. I wanna go to Ueno Zoo and the aquarium and planetarium and still wanna see Harry Potter. I wanna go to Tokyo Disney and Tokyo Sea too. ANYWAYS! Short entry.