Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunshine City and Karaoke

So after an unexpected visitor turned up at my friend's house at 1 am and staying up talking til almost 4 am, sleeping for about 5-6 hours, I woke up and met Vanessa at Kudanshita station and we went to Ikebukuro to go to Sunshine City. Getting there was easy... finding Sunshine Dori was not. Well.. it is easy but not when you go to the wrong exit (we took west when we shoulda took east). It was funny because Erin told me there are signs all over the place for Sunshine City........ but only at the easy exit I guess LOL. By the way that station had 41 or so exits. Huge station.

So after exiting at the wrong exit, shopping, eating, practicing Japanese to get directions, we do find these signs that point us up and out of the station and BOOM everything looks familiar because I came here last year. And I so see my Hello Kitty store :D WHERE I DO SHOP! Then we head down Sunshine Dori to Sunshine City and shop more. We went to this one store and there was this suuuuuper cute purse and I was like loving it... fearing the price because it was so awesome and I just knew the price wouldn't be. BUT to my surprise it was only about 2500 yen. YES! SCORE! I so bought it. I'm happy. I love it.

Kojin met up with us eventually and we walked around some more before eating McDs and going to Karaoke for an hour because we didn't know what else to do (When in Japan, do karaoke?). Vanessa and I went back to her hotel (same one I was in for the past 3 weeks) and hung for a bit before heading back to Kasai together to do Karaoke with Erin. This was preplanned and I invited Vanessa. Kojin ended up coming. So when we started at 10 it was Erin, Brad, Vanessa, and me and then Kojin came then Erin's friend... who left first... the Erin left at around 2 or 3... then it was just us 4 til 5 am. Note when we got there it was just for 2 hours... then we added an hour... then another hour... then we were like "Ok we just want free time". So we karaoke'd from 10-5. We left... it was daylight... took a taxi 4 blocks down the road... sooooo sleepy. So much fun though. Throat hurts.