Friday, August 28, 2009

A Blond Story

Before my story here are some pics from yesterday's shopping adventure in Ikebukuro...


The Hello Kitty store in Sunshine City. I shopped at the one at Sunshine Dori though because it has more stuff. Happy 35th Kitty-chan :D


My new purse :D I'm so proud of it...


Yeah... I wish I owned that car. It was super awesome. I want it...

Anyways so this morning after lazying around and not being able to fall back asleep, I took a shower got dressed and fiddles with my luggage to try and get rid of some bags. Which I did. Technically it's the same amount I came to Erin's with because I now have a shopping bag to carry... it's all good though. I have my computer bag that has books in it, my suitcase, my netbook bag, my purse, and my shopping bag. It'll be easy.... maybe.

So I went to Tokyo station today to buy my ticket to leave tomorrow. I leave at 12 and arrive around 2:30, pick up at 3. I have time to wander. To get to Tokyo station I have to take the Tozai line to Otemachi station and switch. Otemachi station is friggin huge. It's at the top of lists of stations I don't like... because of it's vastness. You know some of these stations here are so huge? Want to know? Because they have to have little mini malls inside them. GRR. And not only is the station huge but I have to switch lines and the Marunouchi line is like a 5+ minute walk. No, I'm serious. I have to walk through the stupid little shopping area. I really hate big stations. It's because of my poor sense of direction though. And poor sense of following directions LOL.

I got my ticket and after standing around, texting, wandering if I want to go anywhere, I decide to just head back, hit up a place for lunch and rest because I'm still tired. SO TIRED in fact that back my hated Otemachi station... I have a blond moment. So I'm walking and texting at the same time.. there's this starbucks on a corner... I turn the corner... walk... see a starbucks... turn a corner... this repeats for I stop and wander "How many Starbucks are in this station????" Well... probably one. I walked in a circle for quite some time HAHA. I followed the arrows pointing me to the Tozai line up til I was near that starbucks where for some reason I liked to turn the corner when I clearly (if following the signs) go straight. Yeah I'm a weird one... I'll blame it on lack of sleep and lack off attention to what I was doing.

Another story for laughs... Yesterday while in Ikebukuro station (I'll comment how I hate this station too... with it's 40 something exits... and giant shopping plaza... seriously, Japan, why do we have shopping at the stations? Little konbinis to buy sweets, ok, but an entire mall? I guess I'm still use to Fukuoka stations... so simple). ANYWAYS while in Ikebukuro station, Vanessa and I go to the shopping plaza to find a place where she can convert money and I can use an ATM. So we go to CitiBank. 8th Floor. She was told to go the 7th Floor for her conversion so she went while I fiddles with the ATM seeing if it would work... which it did. Then exited, didn't see her, so figured she was still downstairs so I hop on the escalator to go down. And while going down, on the up escalator next to me, she is coming up... I'm not that far from the top so I turn around and try to run up the down escalator... let me tell you... not easy... and didn't happen either. I went down and she came back down. Lesson Learned: Running on escalators going in the opposite direction is not an easy task