Sunday, August 9, 2009


So I experience my first earthquake at about 7:57 pm tonight. It was about a 4.0. I felt this shaking... I thought it was like the stuff going on with the hotel because I know they are adding on. But I was like "wait, it's too late, and I've never felt shaking before" then it got stronger and I freaked out. I got under my desk and called Shota going "JISHIN! JISHIN! KOWAI!!!" (Earthquake, I'm scared) and he kept telling me it's ok.

Scared me... I called Lauri afterward. They are common here and somehow I managed to go 6 weeks without feeling one last year. I guess I handled that well for my first one. Maybe. I hate that this might scare my family though. I'M OK! Just shaken up (haha get it? Earthquake... shaken?)