Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chotto, Sumimasen!

So in Japanese class we just finished studying and being tested on asking for directions. This is a handicap for me in English so it took awhile for me to catch on to this. Even in English I can't give directions... or follow them. The test was today (Saturday)...


After classes we met up in the library while people did printing/copying/etc and discussed what to do. Right now it is the Bon holiday (or something like that) where people return to their hometowns and visit the graves of their ancestors. So small stores and restaurants are closed or only open during certain times. Here at the hotel too the Fuji restaurant closes at 2 pm. So after about an hour maybe we decided to get okonomiyaki. I've heard of it but never had it before. So we go to Shinjuku to a place to eat it! At first, once finding out what it was, I didn't think I'd like it so I was just going eat later but I was hungry and decided to try it (because I'm a good sport and can't live off the same old stuff here forever).

So it starts off in this bowl...


Egg, beef, veggies, pancake batter mix at the bottom. And you mix it up! Then put it on the hot grill like a pancake!


Diane's and mine... her's the perfect looking one in the back LOL.


Kojin cooking it... he cooked ours and another group's (we were at 3 tables side by side) while the super nice waitress helped another group of us cook.


This is what it looks like when it's done. My half doesn't have the fishy things and mustard on it ^.^ I didn't like or dislike it. The texture and taste was different. I think if someone made it for me I'd eat it out of respect. But it's not my first choice for eats.

Anyways, after lunch we started walking toward some LOVE sculpture. On the way I saw a Bic Camera and decided to let the rest walk while I went in and we'd meet back there. I saw the bag I can get for netbook... now trying to decide if I REALLY need one. I still have 4 months to decide ^.^ I found a DS game I want: Tomodachi (friend) Collection. Basically you make Miis (like from the Wii) and you interact and fight with them, date them, break up, marry, feed... sounds like a fun game. I didn't get it though... not yet.

After walking around more shopping areas, about 7:30 Hayley calls and wants to meet up at Shinjuku station. FYI: Shinjuku is the most busiest train station in Japan... maybe even the whole world. Meeting people here... not a good idea. Especially a person with no phone. So we wait til about 8:15 when she doesn't show and decide to go off. Vanessa and I head back toward Aoyama, stopping in Roppongi McDs to eat (see, those Shaka Shaka chickens ARE awesome ^.^ everyone loves them!), then heading back toward the hotel by foot. While walking Hayley called from the hotel and said she was waiting at the East Gate of the subway station.......... we were waiting at the JR train station East Gate......... communication error.

Anyways, I had a test this morning... and was out til 9:30 that night. Yeah, not much time to study after that long day. BUT I did manage to ask for directions a few times "Chotto Sumimasen! Aoyama Itchome eki ni ikitaindesukedo." ^.^ That counts considering we had an oral exam. The test went well though. The final won't be fun. We have 4 oral practices and a written cumulative exam. I need to rewrite my Kabuki paper if I want to make a better score....... I have to write my other paper for history. One more day of classes (Monday) and finals on Tuesday. Wednesday I'm checking out and going to Manami's house :D I'm excited! Finally someone to hang out and speak Japanese to!

In History today we watched the original Japanese version of Godzilla. I fell asleep. I'm sure that won't be on the test LOL.

After classes I head back to the hotel to eat lunch and wanted to get some money exchanged. Couldn't do it. Forgot it was Saturday. Doesn't feel like it.... stupid classes. Then Brett and I went to Shibuya. My other history paper is going to a place and comparing it now to how it was about 40-50 years ago. Shibuya is easy... 3 stops on the Ginza line. Plus there is shopping there.


Super busy place! We went to HMV (music/movie store) and I was stopped by going down one aisle... I didn't notice they were taking pictures of some girl...... I didn't recognize her. After leaving out the back, going to some places, going back in and exiting through the front, they were outside taking more pics of her.

Anyways, other than that, nothing much going on. ^.^