Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Habit

With the earthquakes having me a bit paranoid, my new habit is to always a part of my body moving, usually me bouncing my leg while I'm sitting LOL. I find when I sit still (or attempt) I'll move slightly unconsciously and think it's an earthquake coming on again... so I always keep something moving so I don't scare myself ^.^


I'm doing good :) Surprisingly. End of the semester is right around the corner. Japanese class is great. A lot quieter now. Know why? Mr Loud Mouth seems to be gone. He hasn't been in class for 3 days. Missed 2 quizzes and a test... I don't see the point in coming back now. I didn't realize he was staying at my hotel. I came back early one day and the ladies were cleaning my room so I sat in the lobby til they finished (took 30 minutes) and I saw him with 2 guys. Tara says he just using Sophia to be here in Japan and told me some more weird stuff that went on between her and him (they were partners in class). But if he has family here (he's been here 8 times!) then why does he need Sophia as an excuse? He seems to have lied to Tara so I don't know what all is believable when it comes to him. For all I know he has an earpiece in his ear during class. It would explain how he seems to know WHAT to say but cannot say it properly :p

History is ok. I've heard some people just taking one class. I never thought into looking in that. Especially with this being 3 weeks, the classes are difficult. Japanese is difficult enough. I should've asked about just taking Japanese. None of the other classes were really appealing. History wasn't really appealing. I already studied the history -_-

Anyways, today after class friends and I went to LaQua (I think it is the name) for lunch. Ramen.


It's an awesome place. It's like an amusement park and shopping place in one :D Awesome rides, I'd love to go back and ride some of them. After eating, Diane met up with us and we went to karaoke :D 2 hours. Half the price of last time. After that we split up and with (Eng) Shota's help returned on my own. Now to study. Kabuki tomorrow!