Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tomorrow is my history midterm... I feel like classes just started last week!!!! ...wait, they did HAHA! We have a total of 16 classes and our 8th is Friday. In Japanese class we have a quiz or test everyday. I've made 100s so far!!! I got a 67/68 on my first test (the one I took yesterday). Now, Amber, what did you get 1 point off for???? 2 sentences were in the wrong tense... I had them in present, and should have been past tense... that's it. I dropped a particle on one part, but it's ok... I'm a big particle dropper after I learned how to do it, no points taken off for that. Everything else was correct. My oral exam was perfect... This means... comprehension is very good, I understand virtually everything immediately. pronunciation is very good, I control all consonants and vowels, stress and intonation. fluency is very good, I speak words and phrases smoothly. grammar is very good, I demonstrate mastery of new patterns, and control previously introduced patterns equally well. Grammatical errors are rare. vocabulary is very good, I have the ability to use new items in a rage of appropriate contexts. task x2 is very good, I have completed the task very well.

I'm curious on how Mr. Loud Mouth did considering he said my Oral went very fast (we all went out in the hallway one by one for it). HAHA it's because I know what to say and how to say it correctly.

I need to hit up my required places for history this weekend and write those papers and get it over with. I have another paper for Japanese due Monday about the Meiji Shrine trip. Nothing right now coming up... a weekend... 2 day weekend :D No class Saturday. I think (JP) Shota has the day off Sunday so HOPEFULLY we get to see each other. Not going anywhere today due to midterm tomorrow, not going anywhere tomorrow (maybe, I usually don't know what I'm doing til the day comes) due to Japanese test Friday (yeah, we just had one yesterday, too!).

Gotta love 3 week programs!