Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sunday was my trip to Kiyomizudera Temple/Shrine with the INFES (International Festival) Dance Booth members. Awesome place. Been wanting to go since my roomie told me about it. Mostly because it has a love shrine LOL and I wanted to cast my love worries and get some charms <3 Anyways, it's a big place on top of a stupid big hill but has a pretty view at the top.


Me and the guys that waited for me because either 1) I cannot tell time or 2) I did not understand the meeting time and they thought I was lost. There was a girl too, she's taking a pic.


Ryo and I (and the other girl is with the guy coming down)... in front of the love shrine.


Beautiful view from the top


I found a Maiko!

Anyways, this week is classes... getting into my routine. Got most of my homework for this week done and I have a quiz tomorrow and a test on Friday. Currently...


... I am drying my clothes inside because we just had a downpour.

I'm going to begin volunteering to teach English at an Elementary school. I'm very excited!