Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seminar House 2!

Today, didn't do too much. Jess, one of my roomies left for homestay. Just Ash and I until the semester ends. We have room now to move our room around, futons and table. I set up earlier, looks super nice. Anyways, I laid around til about 10:30ish until Jess and I decided we'd go up to the school, eat lunch, hang around... So we left at 11:30.

We stopped at Hotto Motto for lunch... I remember eating Hotto Motto last year, I don't remember when, where, why, and what I ate, but it was the chicken. The chicken was so greasy but fries were yummy. We ate at the CIE lounge. Afterwards we checked on her cell phone (no luck) and I got some money out. It all came in big bills so I decided I'd go to Hirakata and break one for easier bus fare when needed. So I went to Tsutaya and bought Crystal Kay's Best of CD :D Pretty cheap for a Best CD maybe because there was no DVD. As much as I would like one, the price would have made me changed my mind. I've seen Best CDs go for as much as 8000 yen. I browsed and saw that some American TV drama sets such as Full House, Desperate Housewives, and House (called Dr. House here) range from 8000-10000 per season (House being the most expensive).

After browsing around Hirakata and buying some snacks and another big water bottle for the fridge to refill my bottle (I think I'm saving money... but maybe I only save money when I buy the big bottles from the 99 store... yeah, I should start going there more often) I took the bus (that was sitting at waiting for once) back to the dorms where I napped. For 3 hours. After moving furniture (we're not suppose to rearrange furniture but I don't think that applies to futons and the table in the tatami room. Oddly, we have our futons in front of the other person's closet. This is because when I moved in (I was first), there was a line of futons against the wall and I took the one near the AC (because I need to be cold to sleep and I dunno I just chose that one) and I sat my stuff on the desk right near it... but because the close on that side of the room was a bit blocked by futons, I took the closet on the other side. So, it's a bit weird. Oh well. No splitting this room in half HAHA. Here is my dorm :D


The Lobby. With the "Wel-Come" sign LOL. See the little doorway to the right? That is where I enter, you can't see but closer to me to the right is where I go and take my shoes off and put on my slippers.


Yeah I got 4 pairs of shoes in there...


Seminar House 2 RA's: Yuji (male) and Aki (female)... I'm pretty sure Yuji doesn't look like that underneath it all..


Lounge Area


Computer Room. Useful during orientation week when nobody can access internet through their own PC's/Macs. But if you have your own computer, once it is registered for internet, unless something happens, you will never set foot in this room again.


The "Dinning" room as Yuji refers to it HAHA.


The cabinet where hopefully I can start getting dishes tomorrow and start cooking. I'm so cooking Mac and cheeze :D


The fridge... I guess 6 people can share a fridge... just respect other's food. I try to, I put my water bottle in my family mart bag that way I know it's mine.


SNACKS :D Look my cookies are almost gone :(


Uh oh this pic is upside down LOL but do you see the bag? That's my big bottle of water to refill my little one


Microwaves. You can heat anything in these things. I make toast. Doesn't matter if it's wrapped in something or naked food... just pop it in here. No fires!


Cooking :D Gas stoves... i've never used one. Man, am I gonna have fun cooking ^.^


Washers and Dryers in the shower room... but I don't use the dryers. They suck




MEN NOT PERMITTED BEYOND THIS POINT~ I don't understand why we have this rule just on the 4th floor (and it's for girls on the 3rd floor that is all boys) because on the 1st floor (all boys) is the lounge and lobby and what not so girl can be there (have no choice) and all the 2nd floor (all girls) is the kitchen so boys have to be there so you can't have this rule but on the 3rd floor (all boys) and 4th (all girls) we have this no opposite gender allowed rule......... just strange.


Room 041 is mine :D


The room... the table is close to my futon because i was sitting my computer there and using it. Notice how my futon is on that side of the room... my closet is in front of Ash's futon haha


The closet


The Desk

Anyways I hung around downstairs, trying to be sociable, and met the two girls from Thailand and our two RA's. Yuji was trying to make a sign announcing tomorrow's house meeting, we will become official residents tomorrow. Yeah we are "checking out" and "checking in" tomorrow. I had a feeling Yuji would hurt himself trying to make that sign...


He misspelled "dining room" (dinning room... so now we have a pineapple? in the middle of the word) and he put the 7th when I kept telling him the 6th so we have this odd 6... I added the "@ 12:00" myself because Yuji was so confused.

Tomorrow after the meeting, I'm meeting with my speaking partner, Kanako, and she's coming here to hang out then I think we are going to try to see what this Shopping Street is on the map... has shopping in the word :D Sounds like fun.