Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sports Festival!

Well, I really really wanted to join the festival but as I might have said I was somewhere else when the signing up and meetings were happening. I received email telling me to come and maybe there will be cancellations and I can join. Well, I woke up at 8:30ish (I think the festival started at 9?), got on facebook, and was reading from other KG student's FB statuses that it was raining... I was too lazy to check so I just took their word for it until Ash woke up and told her I think it's raining. She checked... looked like it HAD been raining but not anymore. Our plans for the day were to go to the school, let her get money, and go shopping around.

Of course, plans change.

We walk to the school around lunch time, she gets money, we eat McDs (I hate whoever put that on campus), and headed to CIE for a moment. Inside and out Gaidai students are recruiting for the Sport Festival. Outside, I told them no, I was going out with my roomie and I had no clothes for playing sports. Inside I realized that because of the weather, it was moved inside to play games. I was still going to go off with Ash until, I think his name is Hiro, comes and tries his hardest to get us to participate. Ash didn't want to... but I decided to go for it. I get put on the pink team.

We play inside games: the chopstick game (relay race, run to a table, pick up a candy with chop sticks, and put it in the box), the balloon popping game (relay race, run to the chair, blow up your balloon, sit on it and pop it, and run back), the gesture game (charades), the whisper game (like telephone), and the chopstick game again to break a tie between our team and the white team. There were 4 teams total. Pink team got 3rd place. I somehow ended up with our certificate. Oh well, memories.



I was making plans to go to Karaoke with some of my teammates but they invited so many people so "OH DARN I REMEMBER" we have a Takoyaki (fried octopus balls) party at the dorm tonight... no, we really do, I just don't like takoyaki lol. So I tell them we will have to go another day. So I head back. In the rain. A good rain too. I don't sit long before deciding to go to the store to buy oil, salt, pepper, etc for cooking tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet). Going downstairs, I stop in the lounge to talk to Aki and.... and.... THAT OTHER GIRL! ;_; no I forgot her name. Anyways I ask about sauce to cook yakitori with and get the name before heading out.

*sigh* Another 2000 yen shopping trip. I FOUND MY AWESOME PIZZA THOUGH that I ate at Manami's house. So I bought 2 of those, butter, salt (which is not by the pepper), pepper, potatoes, oil, and................... oh the sauce of course. And I headed back and began cooking my tonkatsu. And Yuji taught me how to make rice using the rice cooker. I made enough to last me a few days. Cleaning the rice cooker is not fun. And I celebrate my success by cooking another meal telling Yuji "I can get married one day" and he tells me, as always "no, more" (I need to cook more food) haha.


Me cooking


Yuji making takoyaki


Richard said...

Im commenting here, because I just finished reading every blog post you have since your arrival in KGU. So this will be a summary from everything I've read so far.

I love your blog. Unlike the blog of others (which have great blogs as well), you post frequently, and your posts are long. This keeps me entertained and happy.

I'm really happy most of your friends are Japanese (or so it seems). I hope that when I go to KGU in Spring 2010, I manage to do the same. Not that I don't to have friends from all over the world, but I do want to meet Japanese people and live the culture the most possible. But I will definitely look forward to meet and learn about other study abroad students culture and countries.

Since it seems you want to cook so much, try this YouTube channel: . Their recipes are so good and the videos are easy to follow.

It's really cool that you know enough Japanese to get into Spoken and R/W Japanese. I know very little. In fact, I started studying and learning Japanese this semester. If I stay disciplined and study regularly, I think I should be able to know enough to at least pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4. Let's see what happens. However, I hope that if I fail to learn enough Japanese, I will still be able to make Japaneses friends and go out with them.

Anyways, awesome blog!

PS. Either your disabled the comment system, or it isn't working. I had to hack my way to post here. Just to let you know. ^__^