Saturday, September 5, 2009

"CHECK-IN!" *strikes Daisuke's pose*

I still don't get that joke... must be Nihon Joke...

So I am now officially checked in to my dorm. I took my sheets down and got in line to check out as a temporary orientation resident to a permanent resident. I got a paper to fill out about room damage and to make sure I have everything. So I get my set of keys to my room, the side gate and door, and the kitchen cabinet. Next to my room number it has the kanji for top/above (上) and I was wondering why... I thought because I'm on the top floor or because I got the first set of keys...

So I go to the room and fill out my paper and check over the room noting first the stained curtains in front of the sliding door. Ash is standing in line at this time to get her paperwork so I go downstairs to the kitchen and check that stuff. I go to #41, the first one I see, which is on top... stick my key in, open, check, and return. When I talk to Ash I find out why I have the top kanji... I thought the whole time her and I share the one set of dishes in that cabinet but there are two cabinets and I coincidentally opened the correct cabinet, the one on top, hence the reason I have the top/above kanji on my keys. Her's is below mine. We scope out the room marking a few other little things and go down stairs to turn it in and get our hangers and new set of linens. I hate making my bed in America... and not only do I have to make up futon but supposedly I have to put it away every morning in my closet. Putting the sheet on the futon blanket is like putting a pillow case on a giant floppy pillow. I should get a video of me doing that. It's not fun you guys... not fun.

Here are some more pics and video of the dorm!


Entrance way, view from 4th floor hallway window


The park and library I pass every morning when I leave the dorm to go various places (school, bus stop, shopping)


Me and the beautiful view of Japan in the background :D


Seminar House 2 :D In the daytime.

I realized today 2 things about the dorm... 1) we have 4 bathroom stalls and 4 set of slippers for the bathroom and this morning when I went, 1 set of slippers were left... so that means 3 out of 4 stalls were in use. The doors don't stay open so I didn't know which one was not occupied so I returned to my room and fiddled before returning, hoping it was easier to find a stall. Well, I learned (after doing my business wondering why when you don't lock the door some "OCCUPIED" word doesn't show up on the other side) that when you lock the bathroom door, the lock color (it's a small dot i never noticed before btw) goes from blue to red. OK! So that won't happened again. Also 2) we have an all call in the dorm. Yuji just used it to announce our meeting is in 10 minutes. I heard this sound and was like "is that Ash's computer? a bell somewhere outside (we keep our balcony door open, it has a screen and such so no bugs get in... i like to think at least) and then I heard Yuji's voice... great he's like God, I hear him everywhere... but yeah, it's an all call system in the dorms.

We have monthly house meetings and monthly parties :D September is a yakitori party! YUM! Here is the video... not so much a tour... just me being silly I guess. I call the elevator on the 1st floor, change my mind and take the stairs, then call the elevator on the 2nd floor... I'm so weird :D

Oh, we have to fold and put up our futons regularly BECAUSE if you leave them down all semester, the tatami mat underneath will mold. So we should fold and put them away and lay them out to dry twice a month. Well... that is fun to do. I'm sure I'll become an expert and putting away my futon by the time this trip is over. I need a chair to sit at this little table. Right now I'm sitting on my pillow.