Monday, October 5, 2009

All I wanted was a band-aid...

Today was just one of those days... by the end of the day, I wasn't in a good mood. But I kept smiling because I refuse to lose to this stupid day.

So I made breakfast and semi-burned my toast (1). Got ready for school and tripped (2) out of my slippers. Walked to school not realizing while adjust my black flats, I pulled down my sock and I got a sore from walking (3). Damage was done once I noticed. So I go to the clinic with Katie after lunch to get a band-aid but the nurse insists on doctoring it up and requesting I come back tomorrow for a follow up. I leave mumbling "All I wanted was band-aid...".

I walk to town to get my alien registration card and stumble a few times (4, 5, 6). Go back to school by bus, my attitude getting worse, but trying to smile. Seriously, after the 4th incident, I just know there is more to come... I go to the bathroom and bump my head on the door (7) then go to my meeting and there are so many foreigners (the one problem I have against KGU is the amount of exchange students) and the meeting is so unorganized I just leave... I can't take it. I decide to email them my info and see how it goes from there.

I walk back to the dorm and it's super windy and I get dirt in my eye (8) and start tearing up. Stub my toe in the dorm (9). Get splashed by my hot oil (10) while cooking (not burned or anything but enough to make me jump).

Yep... one of those days... where is the hugs???

Bad Day - 10, Amber - 5 (some good things did happen)

Bad Day may have won the battle, but I'm still smiling, so I won the war :D