Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ooooh poopie...

I dub Thursdays Bento Day.

So I was going to "observe" the new Spoken class today at 11 and I had Reading/Writing at 12 and one afternoon class. So I leave here a little after 10:30 thinking if I'm a little late it's ok(I was trying to be constructive this morning and do laundry... and I forgot to do my homework and was rushing to get that done... and I woke up early and really wanted to go back to sleep...). I got there like 1 minute late. We just did some sentences, speaking with the person next to us... it's so nice. I actually understand what is going on. It's on my level now. Perfect. I left the class saying I loved it. I talked to the sensei after class to schedule make up work that I've missed while sitting in level 4.

After that class I went to Reading/Writing where we had a kanji quiz. This class is nice too... on my level. I love it. I am happy now because I know what I am doing! I'm looking forward to the end of class only because I am hungry and ready for lunch at McDs (I had no bento today) and some soft cream :D

..............I got out of my seat at the end thinking I have to eat fast because I have class at 1... and what time is it now? Well the class started at 12... so it hit me just then that I have 3 classes back to back. So I think to myself it's ok I'm not that hungry I'll go to McDs after class. So I got to my Psych class looking forward to lunch because by the time this 1 hr 20 min class is over I am hungry. This class gets out at 2... and being hungry, I forgot that McDs closes at 2. POOPIE! So for Thursdays, I must bring a bento unless I want to eat at the cafeteria... EWW. Yeah, Thursdays = Bento

So my debate: I can either spend 440 yen round trip bus far to go to Hirakata-shi and go to McDs and study there and find something to do to make the trip worth it besides eating... or I can walk toward the McDs near Midori, go to Midori and price the Denshi Jishos (electronic dictionaries) and I can even stop at the 99 store and get my water bottles. I decide for the walking. If I'm going to eat bad, I should do something healthy. So I walk... it's about a 20-25 minute walk. I wonder if when I get back home I'm going to walk to McDs... I bet the closest one takes that long at the most to walk to. But it's dangerous LOL. I'll revert back to my laziness when I'm in America for sure.

So I go to McDs and eat my 450 yen lunch (Shaka Shaka Chicken, Medium fries, Soft Cream) then head back toward Midori. I was told the sale ended. But maybe for some items it has, but my Denshi Jishos were still on sale :D So I find a good one snap a pic with my camera and leave. I decide against stopping at the 99 store because my case with my school stuff is heavy enough. So I just head back... about another 20 minute walk. These walks are nice when I have someone to talk to or my mp3 player <3

So I'm pretty happy with my classes... and silver week is coming up :D 5 day weekend!