Friday, September 25, 2009



Kato Miliyah!

I was walking back to the dorm today after classes, and at the bike parking... I saw this sign. And stopped. This is so awesome. She's one of my favorites! So I get to see two my favorite singers while I'm here: Aoyama Thelma and Kato Miliyah!

Anyways, so it is the weekend! YAY! No school again. 2 days of classes, nothing much happened. Aced a Japanese quiz. Studying Keigo now. Learning new Kanji. My Psych and Communication class is still interesting. So all is good at school. I made a bento all this week (haha for the 2 days of classes we had). Thursday I had broiled chicken, steamed veggies, and fried rice. My fried rice wasn't too good. Edible... but not the best. I'm going to try to add cooking sake and some other things to try to make it better. Today I put in leftover mac&cheese and the last of my chicken nuggets and I thought I'd put some ketchup in there too. The moment I poured that ketchup out, I had a feeling something was wrong. And I was right... that ketchup... I don't think it even deserves to be called ketchup. I shoulda stuck with my collecting McDs ketchup plan HAHA. Oh well... lesson learned... Kagome ketchup is nasty... and ketchup and bento do not mix either.

Tomorrow is Saturday. No plans. I think I'm going to studying my Japanese and Kanji and go to Midori for my study break to get out of the dorm. Maybe pick up an ice cream. Sunday I'm going to Kyoto with the INFES dance group :)

Other Awesome Dates:

9/30: MiChi's CD comes out
1st week of Oct: I can pick up my Alien Registration Card
10/4: Cooking Class
10/6: Hiroki's Bday (but he already got his present... his new gf, Aki, AWWW)
10/7: YU-A's CD out
10/25: Aoyama Thelma's Concert
10/28: JAY'ED's CD out

Oh and Midterms are in there somewhere LOL. I believe I have one Monday morning, the day after my concert. Gotta study hard before the concert HAHA