Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today was a Bento Day

So I woke up this morning determined to talk to my sensei about moving down to Japanese 3. I've already decided I want to move down. I haven't finished Genki II so it only seems like a good idea. So after breakfast I get ready and go thinking she might be there early (like by 10:30) since class starts at 11 but she's not. So I wait til she gets there which is like 10 minutes before class starts so I don't have long to talk to her. I tell her I want to move down, explain the situation, and she tells me I should observe the class because it may be too easy. It's not too easy, I know this already. I try to explain it and she tells me she will handle it this afternoon.

So I go to the computer lab. Why should I go to the class if I'm leaving? I sit down there buying time until my new Reading/Writing class starts. I actually didn't want to go because I didn't even have my materials but I went anyways. There's a quiz tomorrow. Good thing I've only studied this lesson's kanji. But i need to review.

After the class I met with Shohei. Well, while waiting for him I bought a soft cream (MMMM) from Makudo (McDs). So Shohei met me with my soft cream melting all over me and I'm trying to eat it as fast as possible. He was nice enough to give me some tissues. We met with his friend and ate lunch. WITH MY BENTO! Yes, I made a bento... in fact a JAPANESE BENTO! I put my leftovers from last night in there and took it to school and heated it up and actually ate lunch today without spending money on nasty food! YAY! I think I can keep this up... make a big dinner and save the leftovers for lunch somedays. Can't do it everyday. I'm going to attempt to plan what dinners I make during the week (not like daily just what I will cook during the week). It'll make budgeting and grocery shopping easier.

After my afternoon class, I got a note in my box from Abo-sensei about me moving down... she still wants me to observe (GRR). So I sat with Joel and his Japanese friends. Thought I'd be sociable. Shohei was coming to meet me too. At one point one of the Japanese guys asked me if I'd see Ponyo... I didn't hear him correctly the first time he asked... if you think you will know what I thought he asked. I was just like "WHAT?" like why would he ask me that... then Joel told me he said Ponyo HAHA.

I still laugh thinking about how many people I know in the US were wanting to see it in theaters... and here I can buy the DVD HAHA.