Friday, September 4, 2009

KGU Orientation Week

Ok so I thought I'd actually post a few pics and talk about Kansai Gaidai University's Orientation Week.

I arrive Saturday, and Pre-Orientation activities started Monday. So as I wrote before I hung around and met my speaking partner on Sunday (for those who come to KGU, give this program a shot, it's a good program). On Monday, my schedule was to do L.L orientation, I believe I wrote about that. On Tuesday was my Japanese Proficiency Test which I also wrote about.

Wednesday started Orientation. Everyone is here, time for meetings and what not. Wednesday was the General Meeting. 30 minutes, short, I don't remember what we talked about haha. After that I paid my fees at the SHOMU office. I went to the Introduction of Faculty (non-language faculty) because I thought it would help me get to know my professors and the other professors and what they teach. In the end, this meeting made me rethink my classes (SORRY!). Right after was the Seminar House meeting which was largely about trash because separating trash is hard and we could talk all day... ie: what bin does tin foil go into? what do you wrap broken glass up with to toss away? can't be plastic.. because that belongs in the plastic bin... paper is burnable... haha, anyways. After that was a meeting for homestay, doesn't include me, and then the Health/STD meeting and Women's Safety meeting. I skipped those. Seriously, they don't take roll or anyway of knowing if everybody who should be at a meeting is there. And some of these (such as women's safety and info meeting) is probably useful for first timers here but it's not my first time... it would be a waste of my attention and I most likely know it all anyways.

Thursday was basically just the Opening Ceremony. I used the time before hand to rest, do laundry, and go do my alien registration. I take the bus to Hirakata, knowing I had a map that had directions from Hirakata Eki to the City Hall... but I can't find it. I assumed I dreamed that and use my Japanese skills to get there. I saw a map on the side of the road... but my problem with those maps is I stare at them and see the "You are Here" (in Japanese of course) and the City Bank... but can't figure out how to get there haha. I do find it eventually. I take a number and there is 17 people waiting in front of me. I ask how long it is taking per person and I am told 5 minutes, sometimes more, so I decide to get lunch. They won't miss me. So I hit up McDs and stop at Family Mart for a giant water bottle. They are like cheap so I see this as me saving money from buying a new one all the time. Just refill my little ones. I probably shoulda stocked up on the free ones from the hotel. I go to the opening ceremony speech thing. A lot of important people. DK got to make speech. She did a good job.


I skipped out on the free dinner because there is sooo many people so I sat in the computer lab and watched for a class schedules to be handed out. Today (Friday) was the General Briefing and Safety Issue Orientation. I want to say, I hate stupid people who do not read the orientation manual. I bet you 90% of the questions could have been easily answered if the people just read. Stupid people. No stupid questions, just stupid people. The General Briefing was so bad because the professor doing it could just say the main points and move on, that I lost all my attention span and ability to sit there and left... skipping out the safety issue meeting. I went with Diego and Jessi to get a cell phone. Then McDs for lunch. Then hanging around until the Kyoto trip. I did not go. Too many people, you are split into groups but I'm kinda in a mood today and I wanted to meet with Takuma and his friends tonight for dinner. So I came back to the hotel and showered so I wouldn't be a sweaty mess.

That's about it for Orientation week. Just check out of dorms tomorrow to recheck in as a permanent resident. Jess leaves for homestay and just me and Ash left. I guess Ash and I will have to locate and check out the shopping districts in the opposite direction of the school. Classes start Monday. I am taking "Labor, Culture, and HRM in Japan" and "The Mystery of Cross-Cultural Relationships: Social and Psychological" along with Spoken and R/W Japanese. I'm not sure of the level yet. I'm debating whether I should walk to the campus and check then hop on the bus to Hirakata or check on the way back (but they may be closed) or check Satuday... hmmm...

Yeah, anyways, my plans for the tonight is to meet with Takuma and his friends and eat dinner. No plans really for this weekend. My afternoon classes (non-language) start Monday, language start Tuesday. Monday after classes I'm hanging with Takuma again.



My Shinkansen Ticket


Yuji, our male RA


Some curry at KGU cafeteria... why didn't I like curry last year??? Oh yeah because I smelled it and said I hate it... YUMMY CURRY :D


This is the map of the world in the CIE lounge... I don't quite understand it myself.... is that California detached for the US????


KGU, taken with my phone because I didn't have my camera charger


Engrish... classic. I found this shirt at a Japanese Ross (it's not Ross, but i could pass as one LOL... I bought my "HOT AND SPECIAL BOYS" socks there)