Friday, July 31, 2009


I woke up at 5 am this morning. That's the best yet. I got my breakfast (now I know why yesterday I had to wait on eggs... there's a lot of people down there right when it starts) freshened up and went to school. It was raining a little. I did better navigating the station today! I got to school on time too! Like 15 minutes early! That's good.

I guess my Japanese teacher read my mind. Today he did some questions where anyone could answer but he did call on people so Mr. Loud Mouth couldn't answer everything. He should probably stop that too... he's not always right. I noticed too that, yes, Japanese is pretty fast spoken, but he tries to go so fast he slurs everything and I can't understand him =/ And I know it's not me, because I understand people (or pick up words) but with him, he's saying stuff and I know what he's going to say and I don't understand him. Oh well. I'll let him embarrass himself. We're down to 9 people in that class.

History... let me just say I thought this was a history of Tokyo and Edo... seems like it's history of Japan and let's just point out Tokyo more than other places. I'm not too fond of this class. That class is a long 2 hours.

So after classes I went to the computer lab, talked to Jun online for a bit, then returned to the hotel. It was about 1:30ish maybe a little after. I decided I wasn't going to sit here for the rest of the day. So I looked up the nearest McDs! I decided to go to the one in Akasaka. That and the one in Roppongi were the closest. I remember someone saying something about Roppongi... but I couldn't remember what. So I decided not to go there in case it was something bad LOL!

So I start walking. I know I'm suppose to turn at some intersection. I never find it... I think I had to go down these stairs onto the road below and go that way... but I wasn't sure. So I stood on that bridge like area looking down trying to decide... do I go down? Or head straight toward Roppongi? Well... I can't go lose if I go straight! I decide to go straight and keep going...

I remember on the map seeing a place called Tokyo Midtown. I dunno about you guys but that SOOO sounds like shopping :D I find it about 10 minutes down the way. I was right!!! SHOPPING!!! I go and look around for a bit. There I find Starbucks (#1). I leave there and keep going toward Roppongi. And I pass another Starbucks (#2). I'm still looking for this McDs. I found a TGI Fridays!

Finally I make it to Roppongi at a big intersection. I debate whether to keep going. I'm hungry and want a Shaka Shaka chicken! I'm so determined to find it! I figure I'll cross and walking for awhile. So I do... I keep going... and going... for about 5 minutes and don't see it. I feel defeated it. I decide to turn around and just stop at a konbini for lunch and find better directions and go to tomorrow. So I turn and face the road and see across the street........ MCDONALDS! Found it! And I got my Shaka Shaka chicken and fries for 350 yen :D

So I head back to the hotel... passing another Starbucks (#3), Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks (#4... or maybe #2 again, I'm not sure). I saw this big thing... it was like little balls go up in buckets the roll down this track... it was cool. I had to pull myself away from it... it was pretty entertaining to watch. I keep walking and come back to where the hotel is but I decide to walk another 200 feet to the konbini because I'm craving something sweet. I pick up a bag of kitkats. Then I cross the road and head down the residential road to the hotel. And I'm back ^.^