Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Surprises!

So I got an email from my adviser yesterday (and I'm going to take the time now to say how great she is and how thankful I am that my school has her!) telling me that my visa should be shipped Thursday and arrive Friday or worse case scenario on Saturday.

So I'm sitting in my room today and I hear the big truck sound (that can be a garbage truck, FEDEX truck, noisy neighbor truck... any of those) and I think I hear the glass door close (I'm right above it on the second floor). So I'm like "nah.... can't be..." About 15 minutes being my lazy self I get my tracking number for my passport and visa and it says "delivered" and I'm like "YOU'RE KIDDING ME!" and I go downstairs thinking "this can't be good... I musta forgot something and they sent it back to me..." But by golly I have my passport with my visa!

So a happy ending to my visa horror story.

Countdown: 5 days.