Thursday, July 30, 2009

Amber isn't in Fukuoka anymore!

So yeah I woke up early, go my breakfast, got ready for school and thought I left in enough time. Well... maybe I did. But Tokyo's train stations are so hard to navigate if you aren't use to it. When I was in Fukuoka, it was pretty easy. There was only a few different platforms. But in Tokyo... there's a lot of platforms. I know what train line to get on, but I have to look at a map to see what the train is bound for to make sure I get on the train going in the right direction. I think I need to write it down tomorrow, the train and number. That takes time. By the time I'm done reading the map I've missed 2-3 trains! I almost got on the wrong Ginza train. Like, I have this photographic memory where I'll be somewhere and think nothing looks familiar... but it takes awhile for me to realize maybe I'm in the wrong place. Like a delay there. I should fix that.

So I was a few minutes late to Japanese class. I came in quietly and sat next to Vanessa. Unlike the other late guy who comes in and starts apologizing in Japanese with his loud voice... let me say that the other times I heard him talk that day, it didn't seem as loud as that. He really came off as a show off. Vanessa and I were just trying so hard to not laugh. He just talks so loud. I just think if that class is too easy for him, he should get out. Some of us there want to learn. If he knows it all like he's coming off, then don't be in there. He's so annoying. The teacher would be doing conjugations and grammar on the board or asking us what this is in English when we were doing listening practice and he'd blurt it before I have time to think of the answer myself. Like I'm paying for this class! I want a chance to learn and it's hard with them in there. So Vanessa and actually the guy in front of us too who pair up for speaking practice had comments on Mr. Loud Mouth. Ok well it was mostly me with comments. But I find it annoying. I think he heard us... or I have bad karma.

So next class (History) I'm sitting like the 2nd or 3rd table from the back and I hear someone ask if anyone is sitting in the chair next to me and I say no, then realize it's Mr. Loud Mouth. Oh my God >.< So I sit for a minute while he's talking and realize "I should sit in the front because of my short attention span" and plus I found Kekoa up there (Kekoa is my friend from Hawaii). So if that wasn't enough, during break Kekoa and I were walking outside talking somewhat quietly and vaguely about Mr. Loud Mouth when he passes us. I don't think if he heard anything he knew we were talking about him, he could assume, but that's it. And I guess that wasn't enough... Kekoa and I get in the elevator to go back to class... and guess who runs to get in it with us??? Mr. Loud Mouth. He talks to Kekoa and I kinda ignore him. Nope, he's not even there. Did I mention Mr. Loud Mouth ended up moving to another seat a bit closer to me (a few rows back because I strategically picked a place near a lot of people)?

So a review of my classes: Japanese right now is kinda confusing. Just the method of studying. I knew all the grammar points covered, most of the vocabulary, and majority of the kanji too. We took a pre-test to see how we were and I only missed 2 because how the grammar was set up was different from what I learned. Two people ended up leaving the class. One girl because she wanted to start from scratch and I dunno about the other. I rather Mr. Loud Mouth leave. We have 3 required trips: Tour of Tokyo (this Saturday), Kabuki (like a play), and Meiji Shrine. History... I think the teacher is cool somewhat... but his teaching style isn't matching my learning style so much. We have 3 required trips for that too: 2 museums and we have to pick a picture from Tokyo way back when and go to that place and write a paper on how it has changed. I'm glad Kekoa is in that class with me.

I think it's going to be a long 3 weeks ^.^

I'm sorry for no pics. Honestly I haven't taken any since I got off the plane. I'm sure I will when I do all these trips and stuff.

Anyways, after classes Kekoa and I met with Vanessa and Kojin (I think I referred to him as Mr. Jap guy?). They ate lunch and I, not hungry, went to the computer lab to check emails. After that I just returned to the hotel. Had fun again finding my way back. This time when I got off the train I followed the south exit signs... which took me to the exits I couldn't find yesterday which happened to be the one I first used with Vanessa when we to orientation. So I came up to the street and was like "WHERE AM I NOW???" I walked on way, turned around to go the other way and saw the Post Office and Bank and turned back around realizing I was going the right way already. Not as bad as yesterday. That station is just huge though.

I took a nap at a decent time so I would have the energy to study tonight. At least if I wake up early tomorrow I can study LOL. I have a quiz in Japanese (yep, second day, and a quiz).