Thursday, July 16, 2009

A True Visa Horror Story

Kudos goes to FedEx for their awesome service- tracking, delivery, and doing what they are suppose to do. GO FEDEX! IN FACT! My netbook is suppose to be 2 day delivery! And it was shipped YESTERDAY! So I get a day early :D

Disses go to DHL because their service sucks and so does the their tracking. COE was shipped NEXT DAY delivery. I know some people wonder how that is possible from Japan but it is, because some people have received their COE next day. It surprised me, too. Well my COE took a detour to Hong Kong. Currently, it's in Atlanta. It's been in Atlanta since about 5:30 am EST. Has not been processed, has not left. I think even if I do get the COE today (I'm starting to doubt that), there is no way I'll get it in time to overnight it to the embassy.

My biggest fear was shipping it, passport and paperwork, and it not come back before I leave (you know it'll cost me over 100$ to overnight and send an overnight envelope to have it back to me). That would suck, to not have my passport when I need to leave. Basically, overnight, take 4-5 days to process, and overnight back... Embassy is not open on Saturdays. So 6-7 days. It needs to be there by Friday (not sent, BE THERE). This is SOOO not gonna happen.

Plan? Apply for visa in Japan. I'm not sure how this will work. I'll be enter Japan on a tourist visa..... I'm not even 100% sure I can change my status. I've hear I can, I've heard I can't, I've heard I can but I have to re-enter the country. Well, this is a set back... but I'm sure it's making my blog a juicy read.

I'm not telling people not to use DHL, but if you are rushing something, don't count on them. With this experience being my first with DHL, well, first impressions are hard to change, and my first impression of DHL is not a good one.

EDIT: As I was typing that entry, DHL updated my tracking... at 10:40 EST my COE arrived in Jacksonville, and with the delivery courier... in Jacksonville............... >.> Uhm, that's worse than FedEx. I was O.o when my FedEx package was in Crestview... but I'm just O.O to think my COE is with a courier in Jacksonville. That's on the other side of the state >.< Dear DHL: YOU FAIL! Dear KG: Let me introduce you to FedEx! And I hope you got reimbursed for a failed next day delivery service.