Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Day Has Arrived...

...well, almost. I take off in less than 9 hours. It's bittersweet. I'm excited though. My friend is meeting me at the airport in Tokyo :) I'm not sure what all he has planned for that day once I get my stuff to the hotel. I believe he asked once in the past if I had plans that day... which I didn't. Still don't.

I really want to take a lot of pics in travel this time. I didn't take hardly any last year when I went. I guess if some point I'm worried that people think I'm weird for taking so many pics... I'll just use my computer's webcam (Dell Mini 10 has one installed). They'll think I'm just using my computer. HEEEEY!!!! That could be a good time killer on my 13 hour flight!! Take funny pics on the airplane ^.^ I do wanna type up a traveling journal. I don't think I'll be able to update my blog while traveling.

Some questions on my mind... will my flights be on time? will I sit next to good people (last year on one flight I sat between two complete strangers and they were awesome)? will I sleep through a meal and be denied food? will I have good food to eat? will I have more than one movie, preferably a movie I've heard before? will customs and immigration be a total headache? will I be able to accomplish brushing my teeth in flight? will I be able to sleep enough to fight jet lag?

Yep... they haunt me.

Currently I'm watching the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on ABC Family. I'm debating watching Order of the Phoenix tonight. I guess it's still too new to show on TV. They never show it on their "Harry Potter Weekend". I bought the Half Blood Prince in paperback for my trip. I decided against the Deathly Hollows in paperback. One book to read there... one book to read back (Dan Brown's "Digital Fortress" was my choice). I'm not a big reader.

I'm staring at my big (old, beat up) Japanese dictionary..... I need to pack that. I think I overpacked. Oh well.

Thinking how much I want to see the new Harry Potter movie. I'm seeing it with my friend like I mentioned previously. My friend here wonders if he really likes Harry Potter and wants to see it... or if it's just an excuse to go to the movies with me HAHA. Could be... I mean I emailed him asked if he like Harry Potter. Of course he said yes because obviously I do. He probably even knew what I was going to ask if he showed interest. I mean wouldn't that be odd to be like "Hey, do you like Harry Potter?" and be told "Yea, I do!" and then be like "Oh, well, I don't. Just thought I'd let you know." LOL! Yeah... that's a funny thought. I'm going to do that randomly to someone one day. "Hey do you like ______" "YEAH" "I don't!"

I think I'm getting tired ^.^ I didn't sleep much last night. I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight... even though I'm trying not to. I hope that mosquito that was in my room trying to bite me before is dead... or gone. Stupid mosquito. Stupid English for making the pronounciation of mosquito "MUHSKEETOE" and not "MUHSKWEETOE". I like "MUHSKWEETOE" better. English with it's exceptions. More exceptions than rules! It shouldn't even have rules........ /end of tired rambling.

Ok, enough of my rambling. My next update will be from Japan!

PS: Dear people sitting next to me! I know where the headphone jack on my computer is compared to my microphone jack! It's the hole closest to me! So no plugging my headphones into the wrong one, turning the sound up all the way (wondering why I cannot hear it) and disturbing you... until I realize why... Nope, none of that.