Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"I am a cat. And you?"

Today, I had a crappy midterm. We won't talk about that. It is midterm week and it sucks. But that is a depressing subject...

Moving on...

Today was my first day volunteering at the Elementary School :D We taught kids about Halloween and taught some English grammar. When I got there (half way through with the second group) the kids learned to say "I am ______. And you?" They were given a card with a Halloween themed picture (ghost, pumpkin, etc) and had to find their match by asking others (we played too).

Then we played a Trick-or-Treat game. The kids were matched up, some with us students, and went to the Japanese students and the dialogue was like this:

Kid: Knock Knock. Trick-or-Treat.
Student: Who are you?
Kid: I am a ________.
*kid gets sticker*
Student: I have a question.
*show kid one of the English pictures, ie. wake up, eat breakfast, read book, etc*
Kid: __________.
*kid gets another sticker*

So I traveled with my little girl and encouraged her. It was so much fun! I cannot wait to go again.

Anyways, I'm starting something new on my blog...

I really love Mameshiba characters here. So I am going to introduce them one by one to my readers. Daily trivia...

Bye. Time to study!