Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 2 - 終わり~

So week 2 of work is over. Monday I spent the whole day at the BOE, Tuesday I went to my base JHS for the morning and basically met and talked to my JTE and other teachers. The art teacher who sits across from me had all these blocks (some one square, some longer rectangular shapes) and she showed me how to glue them together and make a coaster. LOL so I have this coaster on my desk now. After eating lunch, I went back to the BOE to twiddle my thumbs.

OK, oddly in my post last week I didn't talk about me getting a car!! So last Friday me and 2 of my supervisors went to get a car about an hour drive away. We pulled into the rental place and there were a few cars sitting there. None of them very appealing but if and old car means cheaper rental price, I'll take it... but I just knew I was going to get the ugly red one. BUT I drove off in the cute little blue car. I didn't drive anywhere that weekend since I had just gotten the car and still a little nervous about driving.

So back to Tuesday. I come into the BOE and they tell me we are changing the car. So I thought maybe the found a better deal on a better car or something. So we go back to the same place..... and guess what is waiting for me? The ugly red car -_- Well I got some free service... I got to drive the blue car for free and didn't have to refill the tank before returning it AND I had free fireworks in my new red car. It'll do I guess.

Wednesday and Thursday I continued to twiddle my thumbs (this is why I haven't been updating).

Today I spent the day at my base JHS. I did a short self intro to 7 of my students that were present (boys were at a baseball game, 3rd yrs at a meeting at a high school, 3 students absent... so I talked to 7 girls). Then I twiddled my thumbs all day at the JHS. I can't wait for summer to end LOL.

I found out that the largest amount of students I have is 49 (and I think that is at the ES). The base school has 29 or so students. All the other have 30 or so. SMALL SCHOOLS!

This weekend I don't have any plans but I'm going to try to walk to the beach. Get a little exercise. Get out of the apartment. This time next week hopefully I will be arriving at Enmachi eki and can spend some time in the city :) And about a week after coming home I get to back again :D YAY FOR BUSINESS TRIPS!!

Anyways... nothing going on. I study Japanese all day. I think I pretty much decided to not enroll in JET's course. I'm just going to use my own book which I hope to be almost finished with by the time JET's course begins. People speak so fast here that basic phrases are shortened... like otsukarasama and arigatougozaimasu and ohayougozaimasu... LOL. I still have that problem of people speaking to me and I don't realize it until all I hear is "OUHOEGAO DESUKA?" (that first part is jibberish by the which is what I hear when I'm not listening).

I'm watching Hachi now on TV :) Cute puppy ^.^

I want an Akita... and I'm gonna name it bobo. Get a kitty and name it lala. We'll be a happy family <3