Thursday, August 12, 2010

I love my neighbors!

So yesterday, me and my supervisor went driving to the station (which took forever in rush hour). He was showing me where it was and where to park and how to get there from the parking lot. I get free parking. Which is awesome. If i had to pay for gas + parking, I'd have decided to go by bus. His first route to the lot was too difficult. Not enough distinguishable landmarks for the many turns. But he found another more direct route which I learned pretty fast. And today during work I even made a very simple map which really impressed him. I labeled my apartment, the BOE, Fukuya, the fire department, McDs, Mipple, and Nishigaki... drew flags for the parking lot and arrows toward the station (in case I forget how to walk there).

They have to insist I take a pretty direct route to Kyoto and change trains to go to the station closest to Ryota where we are meeting. That's nice and all... but I rather change one more time and save myself 1600 yen. I think I'll be fine with my route. I hope.

I actually got my homework done for the conference. I had to create my self intro lesson. I made it a big game. i just need to make my clue cards I guess. I got my gaijin card today too :D Saturday I'm going to get my new cell phone!!!! I'll continue to use my softbank as an alarm clock.

I came home today and began to pack for my trip to the city. I don't really have an ideal bag to pack stuff in... I'll have to steal mine back from Ryota LOL. I tried numerous bags and settled on one finally. While going through my bags I found my mp3 player and remembered it needed to be charged (it died in the car this morning). So I took it downstairs and plugged it to my computer. I remembered then I needed to charge my computer because the battery was low from earlier... so I went to plug in the cord and........... GASP!!! More like AHHH! There was a HUGE spider on the wall. Like... with it's legs and all it was as big as the palm of my hand. I panicked.

I was too afraid to catch it... so I thought I'd go to my friendly next next door neighbor (not a typo) who helped me with trash earlier. I ping pong her door and no answer (I hope it's because she wasn't home LOL). So then I don't know who I should ping pong... my next door neighbor has a baby and I figured if she was home alone, she may not be able to help... so I decided on the people diagonal from me (with the guy who speaks some English). The lady answered the door and I told her hi and she remembered who I was (don't know how anyone can forget that one gaijin who lives in the area). I apologized and told her there was a spider in my apartment. And she's like "ok!" and i told her a big one! And she fetches and net (like a big one you skim a pool or fish with) and a plastic bag.

I show her the spider and she goes "Oh that's small" O.O say whaaaaat? ok... those little spiders as big as my pinky nail in my house back in FL... small. This spider??? NOT.SMALL. I'll give her medium size.... but it wasn't small. Luckily I didn't try to throw books at it like the other previous bug that entered my house (RIP) because it took her awhile to catch it. Yes. CATCH IT. SO SHE CAN RELEASE IT OUTSIDE!!! PFFT! I think it's the death penalty for entering my house. Corporal Punishment! None of this SOS (Save Our Spiders) in this house. If you wanted to kill the mosquitos, then you shoulda kept your 8-legged self outside!!

Luckily! I have a bug bomb that is set to go off at 8 am tomorrow morning :D (not really set... but I'll pop it open before leaving). My neighbor told me to open up my little closets and all the doors. I asked her if it will kill all the bugs and she said yes, and I asked her if it will kill spiders, and she said yes. WOOT! I shall get my revenge on you!!!!!!!