Sunday, June 14, 2009

Countdown: 6 Weeks

So far I've accomplished paying for my hotel in Tokyo that I will be staying at during my summer semester at Sophia. I did email Sophia University and they verified that they received the payment and will be sending me a receipt via airmail... I wanna know what is up with Sophia and airmail? Did they not get bitten by the tech bug yet? Honestly that was the FIRST email I received from them and it was only because I emailed them first. If you haven't caught on, my acceptance was via airmail, too.

So, I haven't done much, hence the slowness of my blog. I still need to...

*Buy a plane ticket (haha, I know, people get accepted and it's usually the FIRST thing they do, it's like the guarantee that they are leaving)
*Receive my visa
*Meet with Uni personal to get classes registered
*Pay for summer tuition
*Double check my financial aid
*Buy some new flip flops
*Maybe get some travelers checks

Hopefully everything to do with school and financial aid will be taken care of by the end of June. Hopefully I receive my visa before I leave. Hopefully I can pack what I need and still have plenty of space in my suitcases. Still 6 weeks left, still plenty to do, still plenty to worry about.

I guarantee you that during the pre-departure period, there is nothing much to do except do any necessary paperwork, pay any fees, and prepare to go. Once I get to Japan, there should be an entry everyday. Also, I'll update my blog (somehow) to let everyone know when I have new pics in my online photo album (which I will link every to once there are pics there!).

So, the last blog I complained about KG not sending acceptance letters by their said date. This blog I complained about Sophia's airmail obsession. Stay tuned for my plane itinerary and visa woes! I bet you one of my travelers checks that will be the next entry LOL. Remember before betting: I control this blog ^.~