Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Preparing for INFES

INFES = International Festival

This week is super busy!!! Lots of rehearsals and prep for the dance booth! Thursday is prep, and I'm hoping maybe the Belly Dancers can squeeze in a practice. Because my dad is coming in Friday I can't make it to the final rehearsal. I believe we get one rehearsal Saturday before we perform (YAY). Today was the most dancers I've ever danced with... 5 of us, only missing one person today! After learning last week I was doing the dance backwards (we are mirrored, opposites of each other, and I was learning from the girl on the other side, so I was doing it there way... woops) today wasn't half bad I think! But I do have to give speech about the history of belly dance in Japanese (of course). That shall be fun...

Here are pictures!


I am the pink poster doll LOL


Belly Dance Poster


4/6 Dancers in costume :D

So yes my dad will be here... Friday I will pick him up, and we'll eat dinner and maybe hit up karaoke that night. I dunno yet. Saturday he'll come to the festival and see me dance. Afterwards, my speaking partner and I will take him to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Possibly after hitting up Midori and hyaku en stores. Sunday is Nara. Monday is Kyoto, possibly Osaka, and he'll leave that night... so short...

And then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday I'm volunteering with kids. I just can't get enough.