Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fashion Show Rehearsal

I gotta make this one a quickie because I'm tired and still have homework to do...

I knew this week wouldn't be easy...


We are stylish Native Americans with blond hair. It seems like the Japanese guys who are the designers went out without Rae, the one and only American there, to find models and thought foreign girl = blond girl. Of course, tall and skinny for modeling. Oh and Chris is the male they needed. I'm not wearing the smurf blue tights... mine will be in tomorrow. Show is Saturday. Pretty excited. The guys who are designers are super nice. I know I will come out with one picture, I'm hoping to get more and video of the show, but not sure yet.

Anyways... this week is still jammed pack with dance practices, meetings, papers to write, midterms to study for, nights out with groups... so sleepy. I have a vocab quiz tomorrow... unfortunately these aren't words I mostly know. Composition tomorrow to do... 2 speeches next week. Volunteer next week. Yeah, and I'm wasting time here on my blog. Buh-bye.